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Ansel Krut

Ansel Krut


This exhibition brings together a series of largely unseen paintings by Ansel Krut (b.1959) in what is the most significant exhibition of Krut’s work to date.

Krut’s painting subverts still life by linking objects to make playful and often dark characters and forms. His provocative and comic inventions, drawing on paradoxes, vaudeville and peep show, are poised between absurdity and moral criticism.

The exhibition brings together a selection of Krut’s paintings, profiling the work of this extraordinary and influential artist.

“Ansel Krut upsets the traditionally straight-faced genre of the still life by bolting together objects to create improbable human forms that inspire not only humour but also pity, scorn or repulsion.” Frieze Magazine

“These paintings emit energy: they explode outwards with a centrifugal force and draw invisible lines between seemingly random subject matter… [In] all this riot of color and form… the cartoon-noir humor is never far from the surface.” – Art in America.