Mindfulness: Blow the leaves away

Here is a second resource to help provide a moment of calm and mindfulness for children and adults alike.

Please share this as far and wide as you can so that we can support frontline workers in our community in Hastings and further afield.

Again, all you need is a pencil or pen (of any kind) and something to draw on. When testing this out we found that the back of a very old takeaway leaflet worked pretty well so please don’t feel stuck if you don’t have much paper.

Make sure you read the breathing instructions in full first. Sometimes deep breathing routines can make people feel a bit dizzy so only do as much of this as feels comfortable.

Art is powerful, so we hope this gives you a moment of strength.

The gallery also needs your support to be able to continue to reach out to people and use art as a tool for comfort and hope. Text ARTONSEA to 70085 to donate £3. Thank you so much.