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Sonic Arts Collaborative Composition Workshop- Johanna Bramli

Sat February 22 : 2:00 pm 3:00 pm


Book your tickets by emailing hellosonics2020@gmail.com

Children over 8 are welcome but must be accompanied by their parents at all times.

Johanna Bramli is a sound artist, one half of motorik electronic pop band Fröst, co-founder of the all-female noise/feedback choir The Larsens and a media composer.

Her debut EP ‘Spirals’ blends granular synthesis, found sounds and vocal manipulation to create sensitive yet sonically assaulting textures.

For this FREE workshop, 15 participants (children are welcome with their parents) will be guided by Johanna to record sounds on their phones (vocal effects, sound effects etc) and they will then send these sounds to Johanna. These will then be edited into a piece with everyone’s input.

Johanna will look at structuring sounds that aren’t necessarily following pop or more traditional song structures, into sound pieces. Johanna will have a microphone so she can record straight into the DAW. Finally each participant will be sent a copy of the collaborative piece.

Who wants to get composing? 🤟⚡️🎤

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